Forever Learning

While not a client, this page is for my curiosity, and for my need to keep learning and perfecting my craft. Here, I will list my “for fun” projects that I am proud of. As a designer, I am always creating, always tinkering, and always finding better ways to do things. Whether its video, motion graphics, or graphic design – it is important to constantly keep the juices flowing.

*Some are crossposts from Logo a Day project

Project categories: Logo Design, Motion Graphics, Product Packaging, Video Production

Let's Get Tanked - logo design
Let's Get Tanked - business card design
Let's Get Tanked - utility van wrap
DreamlessLadybug - logo design
DreamlessLadybug - storefront signage
DreamlessLadybug - collateral
Darts & Pinwheels - logo design
Darts & Pinwheels - storefront signage
Sweet Links - logo design
Sweet Links - storefront signage
Scrapbook Elvis – School of Motion project
Ministry of Eye Control – School of Motion project
Circle Society – School of Motion project
Nüdl – School of Motion project
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