Video Reel

A quick collection of the videos I have worked on throughout my career.

How Arctic Amplification Affects the Polar Vortex

AER explains how accelerated Arctic warming, known as Arctic amplification, is increasingly disrupting the polar vortex, leading to widespread severe winter weather across the Northern Hemisphere’s mid-latitudes.

Verisk Insurance Solutions Recruitment Video

The Silent Heroes

A homegrown NJ screen printing company shares their story

ISO Cyber
Risk Solutions

– Verisk

Cyber insurance is one of the fastest-growing segments of insurance. This video discusses the importance of protecting your business with ISO’s Cyber Risk Solutions

Let’s Get Tatted!

Tattooing – start to finish. This video takes you through the mesmerizing process of a world renown tattoo artist.

Coffee Anyone?

Artsy fartsy video on making a delicious French press coffee

Tradeshow Booth Video

– Verisk

On display at the IASIU conference, this video highlights the innovation of ISO, and the three products they are promoting at the event.

Tradeshow Booth Video


A video showcasing the responsibilities and services that H-CPM provides to their clients.

Circle Society

– School of Motion Project

An assignment I worked on while at School of Motion

Ministry of Eye Control

– School of Motion Project

An assignment I worked on while at School of Motion


– School of Motion Project

An assignment I worked on while at School of Motion

ClaimSearch 2.0

– Verisk

The ClaimSearch user system was in dire need of a reboot. This video introduces the team tasked with updating the site and making it more user friendly, and bringing it into the 21st century!

Explore What
We Do: AER

– Verisk

The Explore What We Do series highlights the various business units that make up Verisk. This one in particular focuses on AER (Aeronautic and Environmental Research), located in Lexington, MA.

Watch to learn more!

Feeding Children Everywhere

– Verisk

Feeding Children Everywhere is an initiative where companies pack lunches for starving and needy families.

We filmed the Verisk team working together for this great cause at one of our annual client meetings.

Commercial Property
Fire Frequency

– Verisk

Part of a larger series, the Commercial Property Conversation series thought leaders discuss key aspects within the commercial property realm.


– Nissin Cup Noodles

A fun social media based video playing off of the famous “Cups” song from Pitch Perfect


– Nissin Cup Noodles

My first adventure into stop motion video, this was another social media centric video for Nissin Cup of Noodles.

Wake UpYour Space

– PERK Air Fresheners

A smell-tastic video showcasing dancing fans of PERK Air Fresheners

Ignite the Flame

– Montecristo

The olympics may be over, but the The Cigar Life Legacy begins today.


– Verisk

A promotional video to entice new applicants to apply through the new HireVue portal

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