I am trying out something new. A reddit user posted about creating a logo a day based on results from a word generator. I though this was a great idea! What a fun way to get the juices flowing, and be able to create something unique. So here I am, giving it a shot. Lets see how many days I last 🙂

12/30/16 DreamlessLadybug

Using a random two word generator, I landed on Ladybug and Dreamless. To the right is the logo that I came up with for the mock company. I also implemented signage and a bag.

Backstory: DreamlessLadybug is a clothing company that is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. The name stems from the growing population of Ladybugs in the state. DreamlessLadybug focuses on U.S.A. made fabric, as well as natural dyes and changes styles out by the season.

Darts & Pinwheels

Words of the day: Dart and Pinwheel

Backstory: Darts & Pinwheels is a custom lawn accessory store selling things from lawn darts and pinwheels, to custom made lawn flamingos and windchimes… and everything in between. D&P was created due to the overcrowding market of lawn and garden stores selling all the same things. Sometimes people want to have their lawns look unique and not cookie cutter. Thats where D&P comes in!

Sweet Links

Words of the day: Link and Sweet

Backstory: Sweet Links – Purveyors of fine sausage. Sweet Links started out as a small shop in Waco, Texas and has grown to have over 30 locations in the south west United States. Sticking to their roots, Sweet Links focuses on only the best pork, beef and chicken for their sausages. They also are able to obtain certain types of meat that are normally hard to come across.

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